Terra Studio

National Geographic Ultimate Explorer

Digital technology is at its best when paired with classic, hands on interactivity that kids (and adults) find second nature. We also wanted to tell a story in a new way, in a medium (sand) that was untraditional for storytelling. This is where we began with the design of Terra Studio, National Geographic Ultimate Explorer’s augmented reality sandbox experience.

Terra Studio used 3D depth sensing cameras mounted high above 9 separate sandboxes. These sensors are paired with high definition projectors and project water, animals, flora, weather systems, and more, right on the sand in a way that is not only convincing, but magical. Educational challenges throughout the interaction integrate with the park’s digital Field Journal to create a unique learning and play experience for the whole family.

Executive Creative Director, Experience Designer, Blue Sky Team Member, Interactive Director

iP2Entertainment, Amsterdam

Shenyang, China & Metepec, Mexico