Quest360 Digital Field Journal

National Geographic Ultimate Explorer

I wanted to create a deeper engagement for our guests at National Geographic Ultimate Explorer through our RFID wristband system.

When I designed the DreamPlay Achievement station, I felt there was room to explore something beyond awarding digital badges – a simple skill tree, guest-tailored missions throughout the park, closer storytelling tie-ins with the different attraction stories and characters, and interleaving educational elements into the digital engagement to accompany the different attraction’s entertainment content.

This culminated in what became Quest360 and the Digital Field Journal.

Quest360 represents the connective software layer between all the attractions, the attraction gameplay, ticketing, guests points, and marketing engagement.

The Digital Field Journal is where the guest interact with this engagement system. It features hundreds of attraction-specific achievement badges that the guest can earn throughout there day at the park, as well as mission card that challenged the guest to visit specific groups of attractions, answer educationally-relevant questions about animals, science, and conservation, customize their own personal avatar, and allow guests to take virtual photos in several attractions and areas of the park, to create their own digital record of their amazing journey through NGUX.

The best part: guests can return to the park and continue to build off of previous visits to create a real exploration history at the park.

Vision Owner, Product Designer, Creative Director, Technical Director

iP2Entertainment, Amsterdam

Shenyang, China & Metepec, Mexico