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This was my first kid-focused product for the iPad and other touchscreen devices, and part of a collection of apps called Kidoodle Apps – apps designed to encourage creativity and imagination through drawing, doodling and just plain silliness!

As graphic designers, my wife and I spend much of our time using computers to create things. We were really conscious about our child getting sucked into addictive smartphone and tablet games or endless video watching on these gadgets. We wanted a more creative experience for him and other kids, and to show them that these devices can also be creative tools.

In this first volume, children draw to complete the scene on the page, then their drawings come to life as part of animated cut scenes – complete with music, sound effects, and recurring characters they create.

All apps in the series won awards, including Mom’s Choice Award, Editor’s Choice from, a Golden App Award from, Best Entertainment App Award in the Adobe AIR App Challenge by Adobe and Sony, as well as a recommendation from Wired Magazine’s GeekMom site.

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