DreamWorks DreamPlay

DreamWorks DreamPlay was conceived as the ultimate play space adorned with the DreamWorks Animation characters and stories that people around the world cherish.

How do you take this coveted collection of characters and allow people to tell their own stories? That was the challenge that lead me to the design of DreamStudio, a themed guest experience that combines 30 high-end touch-screen PCs, a real-time render farm, massive projection wall, and a unique touch-based animation tool where guests have the freedom to create real 3D animated short stories with their favorite DreamWorks Animation characters.

Guests can choose Po the Kung Fu Panda, Poppy from Trolls, the Penguins of Madagascar, and many other characters along with props and backgrounds. Then, using simplified 3D animation tools, quickly create their scenes and play them back for the guests on the massive projection wall.

Interactive Creative & Technical Director, Designer

iP2Entertainment, Amsterdam
Pure Imagination Studios, Los Angeles

Manila, Philipines