DinoTrux Sphero Adventure

DreamWorks DreamPlay

Dinotrux was a not-yet-released IP for DreamWorks Animation when we began to design DreamWorks DreamPlay. We knew about the premise – prehistoric robot construction vehicle and tool dinosaurs – but very few storylines to pull from.

This happens, and our job is to dive in deep, work with the partner (DreamWorks Animation), and figure out how to use these new characters in a way that honors the IP and lives well into the future, after the IP is released to the world.

I took the robot concept. particularly inspired by the tool characters in the Dinotrux stable, and worked with Orbotix to create special-edition, Dinotrux branded Sphero robots.

I designed an obstacle course for the robot spheres, a designed and built a touch-screen app to control them around the track, the theming, and directed to the build-out. All this was integrated into the DreamPlay Achievement system.

This became one of the most popular interactives at Dreamworks DreamPlay – keeping families engaged as they raced around the obstacle course!

Interactive Creative & Technical Director, Designer, Developer

iP2Entertainment, Amsterdam
Pure Imagination Studios, Los Angeles

Manila, Philipines