Michelangelo Capraro

Founder, Creative Director & Experience Designer

Immersive Experiences, Digital Realities, Themed Entertainment

I am a uniquely-skilled, multidisciplinary creative director, experience director, and product designer, at the intersection of technology and design. I have lead creative and technology teams across various industries for over 25 years, designing experiences, services, and products.

How do we want our users, players, customers, guests, patients, workers, students, and citizens to live our brand experiences? How do we engage them in new realities, both physical and virtual, and communicate our product, our service, our values, and our vision, in meaningful and human ways? How can they find satisfaction and opportunity in being augmented? What story do we want them to be a part of? And where are the magical moments on their journey?

I would love to work together with you to discover the answers.

Contact me to design human-centered, immersive experiences, services, and products – with a dose of technological magic.

Digital technology permeates every facet of our lives, creating whole new realities for humanity. I believe this technology should feel empowering and delightful, elevating our abilities no matter what activity we are engaging it in, and through thoughtful design, everyone should be able to wield this magic, effortlessly, responsibly, and joyfully.

I design products and experiences that empower and delight people – whether through inventing a new type of management software for executives, or designing a branded theme park for kids.

I work for brands, studios, agencies, and companies that want to discover thoughtful, engaging experiences that deeply impact their audience – striving to design lasting magical memories, no matter the task or industry.

I do this by gaining a deep understanding of my clients, their business, and their audience, and design solutions across an entire journey imbued with emotion, delight, and a dose of magic.

My work has been chosen for several Communication Arts Annuals, have won One Show, SXSW, Cannes Cyber Lions, and Family Choice awards, and has been featured in design magazines and books featuring the best in design.

I’ve founded and managed award-winning design and development shops, designed products, web sites, mobile interfaces, theme park attractions, and consumer devices.

I’ve written books, given talks, held lectures and taught courses on the impact of thoughtful design.

I’ve had the great privilege to design experiences for National Geographic, Disney, DreamWorks, IBM, Sony, HP, SAP, Hyundai, GS&P, and many others.